TBEXEC executes in a single-threaded batch environment against a local TSR. It issues tableBASE commands internally to verify or control its environment. It sets the WAIT switch internally to avoid unexpected results.

TBEXEC is a batch tableBASE application. TBOPT can be used in a TBEXEC execution, just as it can be used in any batch job accessing tableBASE. For instance, it could be needed for TSRSIZE if the batch default is not large enough. For further information on the TBOPT dataset, see TBOPT dataset coding.

This chapter describes the use of TBEXEC (DK1TEXEC). It begins by specifying the JCL required to run TBEXEC, followed by descriptions of how TBEXEC handles errors. Next, the standard reports produced by TBEXEC, audit report (TBMSG) and table listing report (TBRPT) are described. The chapter concludes with a listing of the error and audit messages issued by TBEXEC.