TBMSG report

The TBMSG report displays the control statements, associated messages, and any TBLBASE error codes returned while attempting to execute a command. A sample of the TBMSG report is shown in Figure 118.

Figure 118. tableBASE audit report
tableBASE audit report

  1. This area contains the name and address of the tableBASE client. It appears on the first page of the TBMSG Report.
  2. ‘***REQUEST:’ is followed by the command as input on the control card(s).
  3. A message follows each command explaining what action was taken.
  4. Although proper syntax was used, an error occurred which prevented the successful completion of the command TBLBASE attempted to process. The correct password needs to be provided in this case. tableBASE error codes are further described in the tableBASE Programming Guide.
  5. A syntax error was detected by TBEXEC. The programmer misspelled STARTBYT in this case.
  6. This line is printed after all commands have been processed.