Option 2: copy a table (all generations)

This option (see Table 94) of the COPY command copies all generations of a table from one tableBASE library to another tableBASE library. This option is indicated by the keyword TBL and ALLGEN=YES.


TBL=(table name)
TTYPE=(table name conversion – blank/V)
TO=(destination library)
LIB=(library name)
PSWD=(read password/write password)
NEWNAME=(table name)
WPSWD=(new write password/*);

Required keyword

Required keyword
Required keyword

Default is YES
Default is NO

  1. The parameter TTYPE=V is supplied when copying a View. This will ensure that the View name is used for both the TBL and NEWNAME parameters.
  2. NEWID applies only to data tables; it does not apply to alternates.

If the password of the table to be copied is correct, all the generations of the table will be copied to the library named by ‘destination library’. The copy will not be carried out if there is a table with the same name on the destination library unless the REPLACE parameter is YES.

When the NEWID parameter is YES (default), all table characteristics will be copied to the new table along with the contents, except for the date, time, and user ID of the last change. The new table definition will be updated with the date, time, and user ID of the copy operation. When the NEWID parameter is NO, all table characteristics including the original date, time and user ID of last change will be copied along with the contents. This permits a table to be restored with original update history information preserved.

The existing write password can be removed by setting WPSWD to *.