The Batch Utility Programs

The utility programs supplied with tableBASE simplify the maintenance of the tableBASE environment.

  1. TBEXEC (DK1TEXEC) is the primary tableBASE batch utility. It provides basic housekeeping facilities such as initializing new table libraries, defining tables, deleting tables, making mass updates to tables, and copying tables among libraries. TBEXEC also provides a print facility designed for the printing of tables used in testing.
  2. TBPRINT (DK1TPTBL) produces columnar listings of Data Tables, based on formatting information contained in the View.
    Views are a facility of tablesONLINE, an optional tableBASE component.
  3. TBDEFPRT (DK1TVWPR) prints Views and field definitions.
  4. TBCOBFD (DK1TCOBF) generates COBOL data description copybooks for use in user-written tableBASE applications.
  5. DK1TCSTR generates C structures for use in user-written tableBASE applications.
  6. TBCOMP (DK1TCOMP) compares tables and identifies any differences for examination.
  7. DK1TCNV is used to convert tableBASE libraries between Version 5 (V5), Library Bridge (Bridge), Version 6 Transition (V6TRANS), and Version 6 (V6).
  8. DK1TLCHK is used to identify the version of a tableBASE library.
TPDRIVER is an additional batch utility, which is only used with the DataKinetics VTS Manager product. It provides VTS-TSR management features such as defining VTS-TSRs, assigning alias names, auto-starting VTS-TSRs, switching VTS-TSRs, and more. If you have a license for VTS Manager, consult the VTS Manager Administration Guide to learn how to use TPDRIVER.