What this Guide Contains

Chapter 1 gives an overview of the tableBASE batch utility programs.

Chapter 2 discusses TBEXEC (DK1TEXEC), the main batch utility for tableBASE. The maintenance functions provided by TBEXEC are identified and described, JCL examples and report samples are shown, and a list of associated error messages is provided.

Chapter 3 describes the use of TBEXEC. It includes the Job Control Language (JCL) required to run TBEXEC, followed by descriptions of how TBEXEC handles errors. Standard reports produced are described, as are error and audit messages issued by TBEXEC.

Chapter 4 describes TBPRINT (DK1TPTBL), the utility that prints formatted columnar listings using information from Views.

Chapter 5 describes the utility TBDEFPRT (DK1TVWPR) that prints Views of tableBASE tables.

Chapter 6 describes the utilities TBCOBFD (DK1TCOBF) and its companion DK1TCSTR that create API interfaces for tables.

Chapter 7 describes the table compare utility TBCOMP (DK1TCOMP).

Chapter 8 points to the library conversion utility DK1TCNV and its companion library version identification utility DK1TLCHK.

Appendix A contains DataKinetics tableBASE error codes and messages that can be encountered when using tableBASE and the utility programs described in this Guide.

Appendix B contains additional information about the use of the TBOPT dataset.