Option 3: print table contents

The Print Table Contents option (see Table 94) is indicated by the keyword TBL.


TBL=(table name)
TTYPE=(table name conversion – blank/V)
LIB=(library name)
GEN=(generation number)
PSWD=(read password/write password)
PRNT=(print option – C/H/B)
LINSIZ=(print line size)
STARTREC=(row number at which printing starts)
RECCOUNT=(maximum rows to be printed)
STARTBYT=(byte number at which printing starts)
BYTCOUNT=(maximum bytes to be printed);

Required keyword


For the table generation specified, the Print Table Contents option lists the contents of the table in character (C), hexadecimal (H), or both (B) modes depending on the value of the PRNT keyword selected. STARTREC and RECCOUNT limit the portion of each table printed. The definition information for the specified table generation will be output in a format similar to that described in option 2, above.