Reduction of system resource usage using VTS

Like all programs, tableBASE-empowered applications must use a certain amount of system resources. In a typical single-region scenario, a tableBASE TSR uses real memory (it actually resides within memory). Also, any application using tableBASE will also use paging storage resources (this is managed by the operating system), CPU cycles and I/Os.

As a business scales, so too does the use of system resources. As more applications are brought online to handle growing business needs, the demand on these resources multiplies. Applications using tables simultaneously, will use resources simultaneously. At some point, you will be faced with expensive upgrades in hardware.

After augmenting the core product with the VTS product, all regions can access the same data from a shared TSR (see Figure 76); a VTS-TSR, which uses a fixed amount of system resources—far less than the amount used by multiple regions with dedicated TSRs.

In this way, tableBASE and VTS will help you reduce the replication of data, thereby reducing the demand on both system memory and paging storage, and therefore reduce the need to upgrade hardware.