The Menu System

The tablesONLINE menu system provides a user interface to tablesONLINE functions and for any other processes that are conveniently controlled from a menu-driven interface (Figure 82 is a sample of a menu). It provides a general framework for managing any application that can be adequately controlled by choices among sequences of independent actions.

A menu selection can initiate any of the following responses:

  • display a subordinate menu to perform another selection
  • start the tablesONLINE table editor with editor options preset (perhaps in read-only mode) and optionally with table and library set
  • transfer control to any CICS TS transaction
  • load and execute any CICS TS program
  • execute a sequence of the above four actions, or terminate tablesONLINE

There is considerable flexibility available to the developer for building a system that the users need. Each user could have a tailored starting menu, or groups of users could all share the same starting menu.

It is possible to offer no menu choices to some users, and have them go directly to the table editor from tablesONLINE initialization. For other users, a single menu may be appropriate. For example, a personnel clerk might choose among the following selections:

  • edit employee table
  • edit classification/pay rate tables
  • run payroll process
  • print reports