Build a Table

Select Option D—DEFINE ALL—from the Define Table and View Screen (see Figure 84) to define a table.

Option D—DEFINE ALL— is equivalent to options 1, 2, and 3 combined. These three options prompt for all the parameters necessary to define a table. Key strokes are saved by executing these options in order—the system calculates some of the required values from previously specified information. For example, row size is calculated from the sum of all field sizes.

Option 4—-EDIT DISPLAY ORDERallows you to change the display order of data.

Option 5BROWSE VIEWallows you to browse the different table definitions you have just created.

Option 6CREATE ALTERNATEallows you to create alternate definitions of the same table to give multiple Views of one table.

Option 7RESTRUCTURE TABLEenables you to restructure a Data Table.

Option 8GENERATE COPYBOOKgenerates a COBOL copybook.

Option 9DEFINE M2M (many-to-many)provides access to the M2M table where you can define the many-to-many table relationships.