Batch Utility Programs

There are several batch utility programs supplied with tableBASE. These utilities are designed to simplify the task of maintaining the tableBASE environment. The key programs are TBEXEC, TBPRINT, TBDEFPRT, TBCOBFD, and TBCOMP.


This is the primary tableBASE batch utility. It provides basic functionality such as initializing new table libraries, defining tables, deleting tables, making mass updates to tables, and copying tables among libraries. TBEXEC also provides a print facility especially designed for the printing of tables used in testing.


TBPRINT is a tablesONLINE reporting utility program that operates in a batch or TSO environment. It allows online users to produce reports based on field level information generated through tablesONLINE. This utility helps end users to create meaningful, customized reports.


TBDEFPRT prints Views and field definitions.


TBCOBFD generates copybooks from table definitions for use in COBOL programs.


This utility compares tables and identifies any differences for review.