tableBASE at Work

tableBASE can help improve the data-processing applications in your organization by:

  • promoting standardization and system flexibility
  • minimizing program maintenance
  • increasing system life and efficiency
  • reducing development effort
  • providing cost-effective methods for system re-engineering
  • simulating and evaluating the impacts of processing decisions
  • dramatically reducing physical I/O

Here are a few of the many innovative ways tableBASE is being used:

  • A major credit card processing company uses tableBASE in their clearing and settlement application, where they clear and settle 100 million transactions a day. Tables, composed of business logic and validation rules, are used to guide a transaction through processing logic. This is performed at memory speed.
  • A major insurance company uses tableBASE in virtually every policy management system, giving them the flexibility to modify business rules easily and respond quickly to change.
  • tableBASE is embedded in the environment of a large US bank to allow them to produce an integrated monthly bank statement for their customers and to insert very targeted marketing messages on the statements themselves.
  • tableBASE enables an Irish bank to respond quickly to rate changes by updating a single table entry to modify an interest or exchange rate.
  • A leading US financial institution supplements DB2 with tableBASE in applications that rely heavily on looking up reference tables, using temporary tables and summarizing data. They have increased their overall application performance by a factor of 10.
  • Another insurance customer uses tableBASE to edit and manage all the data being input to the corporate data warehouse. tableBASE is used to define the rules for input and output to the data warehouse.