tablesONLINE for Data Entry

tablesONLINE can be used as a data entry system or, more generally, as a table editor for data used by other applications. tablesONLINE provides full data validation capabilities based on Views that describe the data expected. These Views are created by the application developer.

There are several straightforward built-in field types. For each, tablesONLINE provides:

  • automatic validation whenever the field is edited
  • automatic translation between the stored form of the data and the display representation
  • labelling of data with the field name from the View
  • data validation
  • the application of user-specified display attributes to data whenever it is displayed

The following is a list of comprehensive data validation capabilities (checking field values against View data definitions) built into tablesONLINE:

  • display masks
  • edit patterns
  • existence checks
  • exclusion checks
  • range checks
  • automated data importation from other tables
  • row creation/update date

The majority of data validation requirements can be addressed by these built-in features, but for those special cases, exit programs can provide additional, customer-tailored validation.