Accessing and Maintaining tablesONLINE

The DataKinetics tablesONLINE product is a flexible, interactive front end to tableBASE. It provides speed and convenience for end users that need to create, update, manipulate, test, and process Data Tables. Because tablesONLINE is a table-driven system itself, it can be customized to build a wide variety of applications. tablesONLINE helps companies to:

  • control program complexity
  • reduce the workloads of development and maintenance personnel

tablesONLINE is available for CICS TS, and a simplified version is available for TSO/ISPF.

tablesONLINE provides facilities to create column definitions for each row in a Data Table. These definitions, called Views, are managed by tableBASE and used by tablesONLINE to control the display and editing of Data Tables.

tablesONLINE handles data entry and table editing tasks and provides the access controls and data validation services essential to such tasks. Two tablesONLINE components, the menu system and the table editor, form the framework for application development.