Define a Table

A single command defines the table in memory. The table can then be stored in a designated library. The DEFINE A TABLE command can be invoked:

  • interactively under tablesONLINE using our standard (or user-developed) menu-driven system
  • directly through a call by the application system
  • by the TBEXEC batch utility program or the TBDRIVER Toolset

tableBASE automates and controls all the other aspects of table management and memory management.

The following table attributes can be easily defined and modified, without requiring a change to application program logic:

  • organization
  • search method
  • indexing
  • storage method
  • passwords (read and write)
  • row size
  • key size
  • key location
  • number of generations
  • expansion factor
  • density (hashed tables)
Defining a table automatically opens the table for write.