Customer Support

Customers with maintenance agreements can obtain 24-hour hotline support through a direct line to our Technical Support staff (+1-613-523-5588).

The DataKinetics customer support Service Level Agreement lists the guaranteed response times for each problem severity level. High priority critical and serious problems receive immediate attention from our Technical Support staff.

Before calling the DataKinetics Technical Support staff, be sure to consult the “Support” section of our web site ( for all the latest information on our technical support protocol. Look in “Support” for our “FAQs”, which provide answers to frequently asked questions posed by our users.

The “Customer Login” link supplied on our web site navigates to a special support section which is available to customers who have maintenance agreements with DataKinetics Ltd. A username and password are needed to access this section of the web site—consult your tableBASE administrator, or DataKinetics customer support, for this information.