There are several utility functions provided by tablesONLINE/ISPF. To access these functions, select Option 5 – UTILITIES on the tablesONLINE PRIMARY MENU (see Figure 186). The tablesONLINE UTILITY MENU appears, as illustrated in Figure 200. Select a utility and press <Enter>.

Figure 200. tablesONLINE UTILITY MENU

When <Enter> is pressed on a utility screen, messages documenting processing and error notification appear. When three asterisks (***) appear after the messages, press <Enter> to continue.

When a report is printed on a utility screen, the information is automatically put into an ISPF dataset that can be browsed. When the dataset is exited, an ISPF screen with JCL job cards that can be modified appears.

To print the report, modify the JCL as appropriate and press <Enter>.

To exit the screen without printing the report, press <PF3> (END).