Accessing tableBASE Tables

tablesONLINE/ISPF is one of several ways to access tableBASE tables in a batch environment. Other access methods available for use are:

  1. TBLBASE, the tableBASE API (application program interface) that issues tableBASE calls from within batch programs.
  2. TBDRIVER, a program intended for application developers to interactively test TBLBASE calls. It can be used to test command sequences before committing the sequence to program logic.
  3. TBEXEC, a batch table manipulation utility.
  4. TBPRINT, a batch table printing utility.
  5. TBDEFPRT, a batch table definition print utility.

Together, TBDRIVER and tablesONLINE/ISPF can operate as a complete interactive table-access facility. For more information refer to the chapter on TBDRIVER in the Programming Guide.

TBEXEC and TBDEFPRT are two utility programs that have been integrated into the tablesONLINE/ISPF facility so that most of the functionality they provide is available through the online facility.

Data tables created by tablesONLINE/ISPF can be used by TBEXEC and by applications that request tableBASE services via TBLBASE. For example, tablesONLINE can be used for interactive data entry and validation, and then, the table(s) can be accessed with either batch application software or TBEXEC. For more information, see the tableBASE Programming Guide and the tableBASE Batch Utilities Guide.

Certain features available in the CICS environment are not available in the ISPF environment. These features are:

  • edit pattern
  • Display Mask
  • any field-edit action
  • use of lowercase v, p, or m characters in the Display Attribute field

An error message is issued and the edit prevented if an attempt to edit a View that contains one of the above features is made. Note that the table itself can be edited. These features are fully described in the tablesONLINE/CICS User’s Guide.