Name of Table

Enter the name of the Data Table or View to be selected in the Name of Table field.

If creating an Alternate Index definition, enter the name of the Data Table for which the Alternate definition is being made. This entry populates the Data Table Name field of the tablesONLINE  DEFINE ALTERNATE PARAMETERS screen, which is shown on Figure 199.

If creating a dynamic View, name the table by replacing the last characters of the Data Table name with the Dynamic View Suffix value. This is a field within the row that uniquely identifies its format.

To use the definition of an existing View as a model, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the tablesONLINE VIEW UTILITY MENU (see Figure 214).
  2. Select Option 2 – COPY VIEW.
  3. Copy the View to a new name.
  4. Go to the tablesONLINE Table Definition option, Option 4 on the tablesONLINE PRIMARY MENU (see Figure 186).
  5. Select the new name as the table to be defined.
Ensure that the data in the table fits the new field definitions when a new View for an existing Data Table is created. tablesONLINE/ISPF does not check this.