With a degree in computer science and engineering tucked under his arm, Allan Zander doesn’t shy away from anything labelled “mission critical,” whether that’s working in 9/11 telephone networks or in air traffic control.

In 2008, his expertise helped earn him the role of CEO at DataKinetics. Headquartered in the Kanata North tech park, DataKinetics powers nearly a billion mission-critical transactions for the world’s largest banking, insurance, credit card, brokerage houses and retail organizations each day.

To put this into perspective, Zander says that whenever anyone uses their bank card to pay for a product or gets a paycheque deposited automatically, there’s a good chance it’s DataKinetics “doing that here, from the heart of Ottawa, and we continue to grow and innovate based on that technology.”

When Zander first joined the DataKinetics team, the company already had seven of the world’s 10 largest banks as its customers. “It really was a dream opportunity,” he says.

Recently, the company celebrated its 45th anniversary. “Not too many companies get to say that they’re 45 years old — let alone a software company, let alone an Ottawa-based software company,” Zander says.

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By: Nickie Shobeiry