Mainframe Data Performance & Cost Optimization

More and more is asked of your mainframe systems every year, so optimizing these systems just makes sense. Making sure you’re getting the best performance out of your current systems also helps to keep operational costs down.

DataKinetics technologies offer low-risk, high ROI and quick payback that just make financial sense.

Mainframe Modernization

What is mainframe modernization? Well, a lot of vendors will tell you that it is the replacement of some, or all of your mainframe infrastructure, which is old and costly to run (or so they will tell you), with commodity servers (and their software and services), that will run your applications for less cost, and at the same time, they’ll run faster. Those are pretty bold claims. Their customers aren’t always happy, but the big words do sell well.

To be fair though, there are many cases where it makes sense to take applications off the mainframe, or even to migrate completely. However, for large organizations with large-scale transaction processing requirements, it makes more sense to retain these systems, and to modernize them such that they are as powerful and efficient as possible.

Mainframe Batch Processing Optimization

Batch processing is used for some of an organization’s most critical business operations, and are typically very time sensitive. Batch window processing often takes place during off-hours or non-peak hours, and it is not unusual for OLTP to wait on the completion of the batch processing, as it requires files to be updated or tables to be current.

Failing to complete batch processing within the batch window can represent business risks to an organization. Typical solutions for addressing batch window challenges are often either exceedingly costly, or introduce compounded risks to the business (or both). DataKinetics Batch Optimization solutions are highly effective, provide fast ROI, and present little to no additional risk.

Mainframe Performance Optimization

The mainframe is widely regarded as the best platform on the planet for running large-scale transaction processing because that is what it was designed for. But workloads are increasing year-by-year, and the mainframe needs to keep pace. Hardware upgrades are expensive and can only get you so far.

Optimizing your applications will not only make your mainframe more efficient, but it will also allow you to process more with what you currently have. You will be able to realize significant performance improvements without having to invest heavily on infrastructure change.

Mainframe Cost Optimization

The mainframe is actually the most cost-effective computing platform for large organizations running large-scale transaction processing. Mainframe systems often run as much as 75% of these businesses revenue, while consuming only 15%–20% of the overall IT budget. However, there is a problem—and it is in fact, cost.

It is not the cost of the platform. The dollar issue at hand is related to the constantly rising costs. And these rising costs are due to increased workloads from business growth—nobody is against increased business, but processing more business transactions just costs more. DataKinetics Cost Optimization solutions can make this effective transaction processing platform more efficient, running those applications for lower cost (or run more processing for the same cost).

Mainframe Capacity Optimization

IT organizations struggle with two seemingly divergent challenges: the need to control spiralling operational costs while also keeping ahead of the capacity curve to ensure their systems have the capacity to handle both planned growth and seasonal upswings.

The bad news is that most organizations are faced with the undesirable requirement to “pick one”: either control costs or make sure capacity needs are met.

The good news is that you don’t have to choose; there are solutions out there for any IT organization that allow for simultaneously controlling costs while managing capacity.

Digital Transformation

A business transformation is a response to new strategic initiatives that are essential to the future of the business—typically involving new markets and new business models and processes. DataKinetics Z Digital Transformation Solutions can help you to move beyond just running or growing your business: We can help you to make a complete transformation, leveraging much of the infrastructure that you have in place right now.

DataKinetics solutions facilitate new applications and business processes that drive new revenue, are market-agile, and ideally suited for business transformation.

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