The world of Data Performance and Optimization is complex to say the least — an ecosystem of highly intertwined hardware, software, business processes and outcomes that reach all facets of the business and the customer.

It is for this reason that DataKinetics approaches data solutions from many distinct directions as it knows that the internal drivers pertaining to strategies, goals and associated outcomes span the breadth of the business and beyond.

Regardless of which direction you come from, DataKinetics is here to help you choose your path to success.

Industry Solutions
Data Center Solutions

Mainframe batch solutions

It is critically important for all batch processing to be completed within a defined batch window. But with increased demand due to sharply increasing business transaction intensity, you have had difficulty finishing batch processing on time.

DataKinetics batch optimization can be applied quickly, and will significantly reduce your batch processing time.  Your batch window problems will go away, using your current applications, and using your current hardware configuration.

We’ve helped 20% of the Fortune 50 solve their batch window problems, and we can solve yours, too.

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Mainframe Batch Window Solutions
Mobile Solutions

Mobile solutions

One of the biggest disruptions to businesses today is mobile. Your customers are demanding that you provide some of your services via their smartphones – actually, they want to do everything from their smartphones. So what are your options?

Common solutions include high-cost and high-risk projects like developing mobile applications from the ground up and mainframe migration.  DataKinetics solutions provide low-cost, low-risk solutions that can enable fast-to-market mobile access to your mainframe business services.

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Controlling costs through IT business intelligence

CIOs and managers struggle with the sheer number, types, and complexity of the assets required to deliver on the business’ needs. This conglomeration of systems is so vast, so spread out, that it becomes almost impossible to even gain an adequate picture of what is available to ensure that the IT team can deliver exactly what is needed to meet the company’s goals. And without a clear view, how do you even begin to manage your resources efficiently and effectively?

DataKinetics’ IT business intelligence solution provides the IT transparency needed to align the organization through a common language to manage IT as a business. More than that, IT can become a window into business efficiency.

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IT Business Intelligence
Data Replication

Multi-platform data replication solutions

Copying and replicating large amounts of data is often necessary in large multi-system IT environments. But the process is complex, expensive and time-consuming, and after the data is in place on the target database systems you’re never sure if it’s current. You could be using data that is hours or days old.

DataKinetics solutions let you have the data that you need where you need it, when you need it – using performance-optimized CDC technology. Only the data that changes is copied between systems; ensuring that data is consistent in near real time. Handles mainframe, distributed, cloud and Big Data.

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Solutions for your retiring mainframe personnel

Your mainframe people are retiring – what are you going to do? They’re going away – they’re retiring, leaving a dearth of available expertise to develop new mainframe-based IP and to support legacy applications. Meanwhile, the use of the mainframe is still going strong; there has to be a breaking point, doesn’t there?

Not necessarily – younger programmers, it turns out – can actually handle COBOL, but better than that, DataKinetics provides technology that allows new development to leverage existing COBOL applications as they are now, without requiring any extra work from current mainframe personnel.

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Retiring Workforce
Big Data

Big Data

Getting all of your data to your Big Data repositories is critically important if your analytics are to be meaningful and valuable. The problem is that your data is spread all over your datacenter and beyond. You can’t ignore important data just because it’s in the wrong format, or on an incompatible format/database.

A DataKinetics high-performance data replication solution lets you transport data from virtually any type of data format to virtually any other type of data format, with near real-time speeds.

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Fraud Detection

Credit card fraud cost customers more than $5 billion in 2009, costing merchants approximately $190 billion; it is considerably worse now. IBM offers excellent real-time fraud detection techniques on the mainframe side, but they can be a drain on resources during transaction processing.

DataKinetics in-memory fraud detection optimization techniques address the performance issue, allowing it to run faster, thereby allowing more up-front fraud detection.

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Fraud Detection

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