Achieving Cost Savings by Optimizing z/OS Systems with IT Business Intelligence


Large IT installations have a wealth of data about capacity and performance but often struggle to create value from this data. Successful optimization requires tools that create transparency – combined with people and processes focused on cost-hunting. State-of-the-art reporting and analysis tools, backed by a flexible data warehouse to manage the gathered IT data are critical to this goal. It may also be important to enrich the technical data with cost and organizational information in order to understand ‘who is using what and for how much’. DataKinetics’ IT Business Intelligence (ITBI), inside the bracket. solution is built for this and the examples in this paper are based on the use of ITBI at large customer installations.

Optimization is an iterative process, getting you closer and closer to an optimal configuration. A concentrated one-off effort can result in significant savings, but ensuring that optimization is an ongoing discipline is even more beneficial, and ensures sustainability of savings. DataKinetics and partners, can provide both the tools and the consulting assistance required to ensure that these efforts are successful.