Solutions for z/OS Software Pricing Concerns

Webinar on Demand

You have mission-critical business applications running on mainframe systems. It’s important to your business that processing gets done as fast as possible, but pricing strategies ensure that you pay plenty every month to do that. How can you maximize performance without maximizing your monthly payments?

Well, we have some good news for you.

Join Jacky Hofbauer, President and CSO of zCost Management, as we explore:

  • IBM pricing strategies
  • IBM pricing methods and agreements
  • Getting ready for CMP (Country Multiplex Pricing)

ATTENTION: Log4j / Log4Shell Threat

DataKinetics products do not use or include any Java libraries.

Users of tableBASE, tableBASE VTS, and tableBASE Online are not vulnerable to the Log4j / Log4Shell threat.