New IBM Licensing: Understanding Country Multiplex Pricing

Webinar on Demand

Most people involved with mainframe systems for large IT organizations are keenly aware of the impact that IBM licensing has on the monthly IT budget. It is a significant line item in the IT budget—maybe the biggest. Well, there is some good news – IBM is making some changes to their monthly licensing, and that may make a difference for you and your IT organization.

IBM is now offering a new license charging option, Country Multiplex Licensing Charges (CMLC) which will start delivery in October and effectively reduce monthly license (IBM/MLC) charges. While CMLC will not reduce current MSU usage fees, it will allow new workload MSUs to be obtained at a lower cost.

This session will provide some important information, including: 

  • Overview of current IBM licensing
  • Overview of IBM’s new Country Multiplex Licensing Charges (CMLC)
  • How CMLC will make a difference
  • How to prepare for CMLC such that you will benefit most from it
  • Results that you can expect from adopting CMLC