Cost Savings While Increasing Capacity

Webinar on Demand

IT organizations struggle with two seemingly divergent challenges: the need to control spiralling operational costs while also keeping ahead of the capacity curve to ensure their systems have the capacity to handle both planned growth and seasonal upswings.

The bad news is that most organizations are faced with the undesirable requirement to “pick one”: either control costs or make sure capacity needs are met. And that difficult choice applies to all IT organizations—from those concerned with just keeping the lights on, to those ready to make complete IT transformations.

The good news is that, whatever your situation, you don’t have to choose; there are solutions out there for any IT organization that allow for simultaneously controlling costs while managing capacity.

This webinar will cover five ways in which IT organizations can combine real cost savings with the ability to significantly free up system capacity:

  • Contain costs while increasing capacity at the system level
  • Contain costs at the application level without changing code
  • Free up capacity at the database level by improving SQL efficiency
  • Reduce resource usage and associated costs by optimizing existing extract, transform and load (ETL) processes
  • Reduce costs and capacity by optimizing distributed-to-mainframe data integration