Danske Bank

Success Story


Controlling costs to benefit both Danske Bank and its customers.

Several years ago, like most large banks, Danske Bank was running large mainframe and distributed networks, and was experiencing growing costs while keeping pace with their growing business. IT managers and business managers needed some insight on how to control rising costs, and to this end, they established a special task force. Its mission was to focus on cost detection, elimination and prevention – Danske Bank managers needed to understand, explain, control, reduce, and avoid operational cost drivers on mainframe systems and servers running MS Windows and Linux. They also needed to make connections between mainframe and midrange resource usage to business units and applications.

ATTENTION: Log4j / Log4Shell Threat

DataKinetics products do not use or include any Java libraries.

Users of tableBASE, tableBASE VTS, and tableBASE Online are not vulnerable to the Log4j / Log4Shell threat.