Performance Improvements and Cost Control for IBM Tailored Fit Pricing Customers


A common headache among the world’s mainframe shops is pricing—the monthly fees that we pay IBM for software licensing for multiple software products running on multiple LPARs and multiple systems, often at multiple sites. Most large mainframe shops employ capacity planners, accountants and other professionals to understand, manage and effectively control these costs. This has been a front-and-center IT challenge for many years.

Recently, IBM has brought something that actually brings cost certainty to mainframe shops—IBM’s Tailor Fit Pricing (TFP). This is the best pricing model for a lot of mainframe environments but with workloads continuing to increase there is more you can still do to improve your mainframe’s performance and better control it’s costs.

Whitepaper Performance Improvements for TFP Customers

ATTENTION: Log4j / Log4Shell Threat

DataKinetics products do not use or include any Java libraries.

Users of tableBASE, tableBASE VTS, and tableBASE Online are not vulnerable to the Log4j / Log4Shell threat.