Many companies use some form of Workload License Charge (for example, Advanced WLC) to determine the monthly cost of their IBM products (the Monthly License Charge, or MLC). The products subject to MLC include z/OS, IMS, CICS and Db2, among others. Typically, determining the MLC is done in a Capacity Planning group, with little input from the groups that impact these costs.

This webinar will help the Db2 Professional (System Programmer, DBA, and Developer) to better understand how Db2 performance tuning can reduce operational costs and free up cycles for new revenue-generating applications.

  • More than SLAs, Db2 performance tuning can help control monthly costs
  • Background on AWLC, MLC
  • IBM Soft Capping and Defined Capacity
  • SCRT report, R4HA, example metrics
  • System, Database and Application tuning all impact SCRT, MLC

Watch the Recording.