For any company, reducing costs is of paramount importance as it enables much-needed resources to be reallocated to business-critical projects. One effective way to reduce operational costs and drive greater value from the mainframe is to address Db2 performance challenges.

Most companies use some form of Workload License Charge, such as the Advanced Workload License Charge (AWLC) to determine the monthly cost of their IBM products (i.e., the Monthly License Charge, or MLC). The products that are subject to these charges include z/OS, IMS, CICS, and Db2, among others. Furthermore, responsibility for assessing the MLC typically falls on the capacity-planning group—with little to no input from the groups that actually have an impact on those costs.

In this one-hour, technically focused webinar, Db2 professionals—including system programmers, database administrators (DBAs), and developers—will be presented with ways that Db2 performance tuning can reduce operational costs and create additional cycles for new revenue-generating applications.

This webinar will include:

  • An explanation of why Db2 tuning is about more than meeting performance service-level agreements
  • An introduction for Db2 DBAs to AWLCs and MLCs
  • An introduction for Db2 DBAs to IBM soft capping and defined capacity concepts
  • An introduction for Db2 DBAs to the sub-capacity reporting tool (SCRT) report, the rolling four-hour average, and sample metrics
  • An explanation of how system, database, and application tuning all impact the SCRT and MLCs

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