VTS Edge: Ultra-fast Data Integration Solution

IT organizations running mainframe systems have an urgent need to integrate their newest distributed applications with their legacy mainframe applications and associated mainframe database data.

The solution has not traditionally been that simple. The challenge arises out of the fact that, to integrate with mainframe systems, users must develop new interfaces and sockets. However, the associated increase in demands on the mainframe systems to perform the required data integration can drastically increase mainframe operational costs. Furthermore, accessing the actual mainframe data also comes with additional incremental costs.

DataKinetics solves these challenges with VTS Edge—a specialized, high-speed version of strategic alliance partner HostBridge Technology’s data integration product.

Leveraging DataKinetics’ existing in-memory technology, JSON-powered VTS Edge is a powerful mainframe integration solution that enables mainframe applications and data to integrate easily with non-mainframe applications, ranging from client, server, and web-based applications to other mainframe-based applications.

VTS Edge includes unique “out-of-the-box” technology delivering efficient interfaces and sockets—meaning that not only does IT not need to do this work, but it also does not need to worry about developing and supporting custom utilities.

Instead, IT departments can now focus on delivering higher value, revenue-generating applications and increasing customer satisfaction—all while wait times for queries drop substantially.

If that isn’t enough, VTS Edge also vastly minimizes the operational costs for those systems by enabling integration workloads on the mainframe to use the lower-cost zIIP mainframe processors.

Lastly, VTS Edge provides for much greater control over these operational costs by enabling IT departments to access data while running on zIIP processors. This data, copied into ultra-high-performance in-memory tables, is now accessed faster than is possible using any other method.

VTS Gate: In-memory Data Security

VTS Gate In-memory Data Security extends enhanced security coverage to shared in-memory tables—which are independent of calling applications, and typically remain available while accessing applications are initiated and terminated over time. Since the data is available, extra security is needed when shared in-memory data is used within high-security environments.

A performance enhancement product for DataKinetics’ tableBASE® (an in-memory accelerator enables mainframe applications to run much faster, use less I/O and less CPU—especially in transaction processing environments), VTS Gate enables applications running in different regions or operating environments (CICS, batch, TSO, Db2, VSAM, IMS, etc.) to access table data contained within a shared common memory pool.

The enhanced security features that VTS Gate provides include Read-Only in-memory tables, control of in-memory data using RACF, hardware protection for in-memory data and default access control. VTS Gate also enables organizations to control which users are permitted to access data within in-memory tables, and creates logs to clearly show which users have accessed data.

The VTS Gate features will enable companies to be as sure of their audit and compliance concerns for their in-memory data, as they are for their DASD-based data.

VTS Speed: Ultra-high-speed In-memory Processing Solutions

tableBASE mainframe in-memory technology augments Db2, and helps Db2 applications to run up to 100X faster than they do today using just Db2 buffer pools. VTS Speed, DataKinetics’ new performance-optimized interface, now enables Db2 applications to access Read-Only tables by a further increase of three to four times faster.

Thus, by utilizing the VTS Speed interface, tableBASE can now help Db2 applications run up to 400x faster. VTS Speed optimizes all types of IBM mainframe database applications including Db2, IMS and VSAM.