Ottawa, Canada – August 25, 2015 – DataKinetics, the world leader in Data Performance and Optimization Solutions, officially announced today that it has been named as One of Canada’s Top Companies on the Branham300 List for 2015.The announcement comes just weeks after the company announced an expansion through the acquisition of the global software company SoftwareOnZ—acquiring a client portfolio consisting of the world’s largest insurance, healthcare, banking, and educational institutions. This portfolio brings DataKinetics into southeast Asia and Australia—thus covering all four corners of the globe.

Now, to complement the company’s expansion and subsequent growth, it has been officially listed on the Branham300 for 2015. As part of the Branham Group, a company that provides “Go to Market” direction to global IT products and services companies, the Branham300 offers a snapshot of the Canadian IT market, and is a gauge by which companies measure their success.

“Making the Branham300 list this year is an exceptional accomplishment—one that is credited to our tremendous team of dedicated experts,” commented Allan Zander, President and CEO of DataKinetics. “For a company such as ours, one firmly rooted in the business pace of the Fortune 500, it is difficult to take those important moments to reflect upon our successes and growth—this is one of those moments that reinforces our dedication to our clients and how that dedication is reflected in making this company a true success story.”

With an official acquisition, and with recent partnerships with HostBridge, SQData and zCost Management, Fortune 500 companies are vastly benefiting from DataKinetics’ offerings. With more than 35 years of experience in the field of data performance and optimization, the company continually helps its clients leverage existing systems, optimizing the issues that hold them back, and enabling plans to propel them forward. Leveraging the experience and success of working with its global clients, DataKinetics continues to deliver proven solutions with worldwide success.

The company boasts an impressive roster of clients as they continue to work with three of the top five global banks, three of the top five global credit card companies, three of the top five American property and casualty insurance companies, and two of the top five American health insurance companies.