We have made some dramatic changes at DataKinetics. For most companies, change is not always easy—especially those in business as long as DataKinetics. Even so, we have changed the face of our brand and, more importantly, we have changed the way in which we communicate to the outside world. We made these changes a joyous task, an event to be celebrated: as the world’s leader in Data Performance and Optimization, we have again transformed our business—not only to keep pace with rapidly changing technology, but also to continually exceed the needs of our customers.

I am delighted, therefore, to announce the launch of our new brand and communications platform. From events, to communications vehicles, to one-on-one communication—our new brand fully reflects our knowledge, expertise, and commitment to our customers worldwide.

We have undergone an amazing transformation, which was brought about by many thought-provoking sessions. These added much insight into how we can best provide our customers with the Data Performance and Optimization Solutions that will help them run, grow and transform their business.

Our new communications platform and website will give our customers in-depth information on our Data Performance and Optimization Solutions, as well as on our partners and their respective products that support and expand the depth and breadth of our solutions.

Please explore our new website. Engage with us on social media and follow us as we continue to deliver information designed to help our customers find their path to success.


Allan Zander
President and CEO

DataKinetics | Data Performance & Optimization