Acquisition to vastly expand data performance and optimization solutions to Fortune 100 Companies

DataKinetics, the world leader in Data Performance and Optimization Solutions, officially announced today that it has acquired SoftwareOnZ, a global leader in Network and Db2 solutions.

The acquisition comes just months after the announcement of DataKinetics’ official strategic partnership with HostBridge, SQData and zCost Management—the alliance formed to compete with global vendors to drastically reduce big data costs associated with Fortune 500 customers of IBM z Systems™—creating an in-depth complementary solution to the IBM product.

Now, with the acquisition of SoftwareOnZ, the combined solutions will again vastly expand DataKinetics’ Data Performance and Optimization Services to Fortune-Elite companies by seamlessly complementing and integrating with solutions from BMC, CA, IBM, Compuware, to name a few. The convergence of the two entities also brings with it a highly skilled group of technical talent that specialize in Db2—the former CEO of SoftwareOnZ, Mr. Brian Hoare bringing 30+ years of global experience himself to the company.

In addition to the talent migration, the former SoftwareOnZ team also brings with them the experience of clients ranging from the world’s largest insurance, healthcare, banking, and educational institutions. The portfolio of business brings DataKinetics into South-East Asia and Australia—thus all four corners of the globe. The acquisition now makes DataKinetics one of the most highly sought-after and prestigious boutique companies in their space—the company already having three of the largest banks in the world as current clients for more than 20+ years.

“This is a tremendous announcement for DataKinetics—and a very exciting one as we welcome aboard our good friends and colleagues from SoftwareOnZ,” commented Allan Zander, President & CEO of DataKinetics. “With our long-standing relationship with the company, and their tremendous team of professionals, the consolidation of the two companies has been not only welcomed, but seamless. With this, the transition and addition of their expertise and solution set is already positioned to directly impact our clients—bringing to them a myriad of new and exciting solutions, as well as increased sales and technical support. This is just the beginning for what we know will be a banner year for DataKinetics as many more announcements are planned for the weeks and months ahead.”

“This acquisition represents not only an evolutionary step in the Data Performance and Optimization space, but also a revolutionary one,” commented Brian Hoare, former CEO of SoftwareOnZ, now Chief Strategic Advisor at DataKinetics. “The addition of SoftwareOnZ’s proven solutions to DataKinetics, now means that the company will be the global leader in Data Performance. The historical approach by our competitors has always been the dynamic of giving customers only one option: reduce costs, increase performance, or optimize systems & applications—using the sales excuse of different skills, additional costs, etc. Now, with the combination of our solutions, and with strategic partnerships with world-leaders in the industry, we can seamlessly deliver to the Fortune 500 the cost reductions, the performance increases, and the application and system optimization all at once… no excuses, and no extra cost.”

With the acquisition now official, and with the partnerships with HostBridge, SQData and zCost Management, Fortune 500 companies will vastly benefit from DataKinetics’ offerings. With more than 40 years of experience in the field of Data Performance and Optimization, the company continually helps its clients leverage existing systems, optimizing the issues that hold them back and enabling plans to propel them forward. Leveraging the experience and success of working with our global clients, DataKinetics continues to deliver proven solutions with worldwide success.

The company boasts an impressive roster of clients as they continue to work with three of the top five global banks, three of the top five global credit card companies, three of the top five American property and casualty insurance companies, and two of the top five American health insurance companies.