Strategic alliance formed to compete with Global Vendors to drastically reduce big data costs associated with Fortune 500 Customers of IBM Z Systems.

OTTAWA, March 11, 2015 -DataKinetics, the world leader in Data Center Performance and Optimization Solutions, announced today that it has formed a strategic partnership agreement with three global mainframe solution providers. The companies-HostBridge, SQData and zCost Management-will aid in DataKinetics’ plan to target and eliminate the rising big data operating costs for IBM z Systems Fortune 500 customers.

The strategic alliance is also positioned to greatly assist the targeted companies that face a multitude of challenges including skill shortages, the need to reduce the risks of running costly mission-critical customized applications, and companies struggling to better benefit respective shareholders.

Through the strategic alliance, DataKinetics will now offer a host of leading-edge solutions by enabling multiple facets from each partner-integrating a comprehensive suite of Data Center Performance and Optimization Solutions. The partnerships will utilize HostBridge’s high-performance, high-precision integration and optimization software for IBM mainframe systems; SQData’s high-performance replication and data integration software for mainframe and distributed databases; and zCost Management’s Monthly License Charge (MLC) cost control and capacity planning on IBM z Systems.

“As the world becomes increasingly mobile and social, demands on mainframe systems and on IT teams are escalating while the budgets to support them are being reduced,” commented Allan Zander, President and CEO of DataKinetics. “What is unique about this alliance is that it brings together four companies that are experts in their particular areas-delivering the best in global-leading, complementary technologies. In DataKinetics’ 30+ years in business, our single goal has always been to bring unrivaled solutions to our customers. With this alliance-one that is far greater than the sum of its parts-we will once again be a tremendous benefit to mainframe customers around the world.”

The new solution set, available April 1, 2015, will deliver a set of highly effective, highly targeted products, along with assistance in tuning the types of data-intensive applications found in data centers of the world’s most demanding transactional z Systems. These solutions are many faceted: They focus on reducing the risk of running complex mission-critical applications at a time when the need for skilled professionals continues to grow; they move key functionality to “off the shelf” supportable products, leaving companies to focus on the primary task of the application; they increase customer satisfaction by allowing applications to access data much faster, thus increasing the performance and reducing the wait time for applications when they must interface with super-server infrastructure; they enable IT to control its costs; and they allow quicker revenue recognition as, when fully optimized, these applications will complete transactions much faster, thus allowing finance to provide real benefit to the company’s shareholders.

DataKinetics along with HostBridge, SQData and zCost Management are firmly committed to continuing their involvement in IBM business partner programs, and to ensuring that companies that have chosen z Systems gain the most from their investment.

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