Generating a Master Password online

The tableBASE-supplied CICS transaction TBDR provides a mechanism for generating the tableBASE Master Password. Access to the master password should be restricted to the tableBASE administrator and, possibly, other high-level users.

The master password is a six-digit number that is calculated from a six-digit system IPL date and a six-digit Installation Variable. The IPL date can be displayed with the MVS command D IPLINFO. The Installation Variable, which is supplied by DKL, is described later in this chapter.

Master Passwords are calculated by the CICS TBDR transaction with special commands that are not described elsewhere for security reasons. Figure 19 is a sample of the TBDR screen.

Invoking the Master Password
Figure 19. Invoking the Master Password

The command consists of two exclamation points (!!). Insert the reference TBOLV6R0 on line 3: and press <Enter> to cause the master password to be calculated and saved in working storage for use by the commands that follow.

The TBOLV6R0 reference remains on line 3. As long as this reference remains in its position on line 3, it indicates to TBDR that the master password from working storage should be used.

Depending on which command is being entered, the master password will be used as either a password or LOCK-LATCH. On a command such as OW (Open for Write), which requires a password, the master password will be used as the password. For a command such as CL (Close table), which requires a LOCK-LATCH as opposed to a password, the master password will be used as the LOCK-LATCH.