Your clients trust you to deliver solutions that will solve their IT challenges because you have a strong presence in your market and have demonstrated proven expertise.

The changing landscape

However, the truth is that there are growing numbers of other systems integrators, management and technology consulting service providers and advisory service providers – both in-country and offshore – who are actively trying to persuade your clients to try something new. Mostly, they want your clients switch to their services for slightly less cost.

One way to differentiate your organization from other service providers is to offer unique solutions that the pretenders cannot – solutions that work best for your clients, and that you can deliver in a timely and cost-effective manner. These solutions are available now, and do not require your customers to change much in their IT infrastructures.

Show thought leadership to your clients

Clients are happy to have solutions for their problems. However, if you keep coming back with the same old solutions, why should they not seek the same-old, same-old from another SI, perhaps at a slightly lower cost?  Your clients are familiar with the solutions that you offer them for their mainframe IT challenges. They work for the most part, but sometimes don’t give you a chance to show thought leadership.  Instead of regular system upgrades, why not show them a way to spread their upgrade schedule out?  Instead of telling them to buy more machine, why not show them ways to optimize what they have now?

Database optimization


System optimization


Application optimization


Give your clients cost-savings solutions

Your job is to solve your clients’ problems, which you are always able to do. And as with everything in life, solutions cost money. But what if they’re complaining mostly about cost?  Everyone knows that it’s not all about costs, but if your client is complaining loudly about cost, you better have an answer for them at some point.  There are solutions that can help customers save on cost – the Opex and Capex levels – without changing much in the datacenter infrastructure.

Cost savings in mainframe IT data centers


Provide risk-management solutions to your clients

Your clients are faced with constantly changing business environments, and they are always at risk of losing market share because of it. Mainframe applications must be able to adapt quickly to changes in the market / business environment. Often, it just doesn’t work that way.  Clients need risk management solutions – they want their applications to be change-ready in the face of a constantly changing environment. There are solutions that will help you accomplish that for your clients – transform their mainframe applications into completely market-agile applications, able to react almost immediately to changes in business environment. And do that without telling them that they have to do an infrastructure swap out.

Mainframe-based business rules maintenance optimization


DataKinetics solutions improved application performance by 60-70%; one Db2 batch application went from 15 CPU minutes to just one CPU minute.
– Project Manager, Data Processing Services Provider

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