For more than 35 years, DataKinetics’ highly experienced Professional Services Division has been solving the Data Performance and Optimization challenges of the world’s largest companies—helping them maximize efficiencies within their mainframe and legacy applications.

For any company, the ultimate goal is to obtain faster results and reduce time associated with solving unique mainframe application challenges—all while minimizing the risk to IT planning and operations activities. It is this exact approach that drives DataKinetics Professional Services offerings, from assessing the needs of its clients, to working with internal personnel through every stage of implementing a solution, to the knowledge transfer stage, and beyond.

After all, no two data centers are alike. DataKinetics therefore designed its unique processes to ensure deep dive analysis into mainframe applications, thus determining the root cause of data issues and providing a permanent solution. With a legacy of hundreds of engagements, all with the largest and most complex applications of the largest banks and insurance companies in the world, DataKinetics is the perfect choice for your next professional services engagement

IT Kinetics Assessment

In today’s enterprise business environment, results are calculated in nano-seconds—meaning that a company’s growth must be managed at an incredible speed. The pressure on the IT organization to manage such growth directly correlates to applications and databases—all needing to operate at peak efficiency to ensure that infrastructure is performing cost effectively.

The IT Kinetics Assessment  is a targeted approach to help determine and understand the associated performance and value garnered from IT systems, and to make educated recommendations as to where improvements can be made.

DataKinetics can assess the health of your most critical data related assets, deliver advice and insight, and help implement change—change that can improve existing systems efficiency and cost effectiveness.

For more information on how a DataKinetics IT Kinetics Assessment can help your organization, contact us today.

Mainframe and Application Optimization Services

Maintaining mainframe applications, all with their own special and unique challenges, is one of the more difficult tasks in an enterprise environment. Combine that with reductions in mainframe skill sets coupled with major resource constraints, then suddenly a heavy load is placed on an already burdened department.

DataKinetics can help navigate these challenges with its experienced mainframe experts. We provide a multitude of services to help meet Mainframe and Application Optimization goals:

  • Data Access Optimization

  • Application Integration and Migration

  • Architectural and Application Consulting

  • In-memory Data Processing

  • Rules-driven Application Design

  • Application Creation

  • Data Migration and Integration Services

  • Application and Legacy Code Services

  • DB2 Optimization Services

  • Mainframe System and Workload Optimization


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