IT Operations organizations are under pressure to ensure the smooth functioning of business IT infrastructure and operational environments that support all corporate business units. These typically include improvements in systems and database performance, and general system optimization. As IT operations managers and IT applications managers respond to business needs, IT Operations will be tasked with implementing projects that will tax existing systems beyond their apparent limits.

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    DataKinetics Application Optimization can help your applications run faster, and use fewer resources — enabling streamlined implementation of new features, all in your allotted time frames. The result—freeing up valuable CPU and I/O resources to cope with your ever increasing workloads.


    DataKinetics System Optimization can effectively increase the capacity of existing systems, meaning that your workload is matched to the system so you get the most efficient outcomes.


    Your choices as to where you keep data, transform it for Big Data analytics, and how you use it for other applications can have a drastic effect on your architecture. Now, imagine architects working towards business outcomes instead of just database versioning.

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Your existing systems are the intellectual property that differentiates you from your competition. Sure, you can make improvements in performance and ongoing operational cost of these systems, you can avoid some of the high-dollar options that are on the table now—you can choose high-risk solutions like forklift swap-out of computing systems, offloading key processing and re-platforming of your most critical applications—but then who gets to sleep well that night?

Your legacy systems can also be seen as old technology that is holding you back and preventing your business from being more competitive. So the question is: How can you implement new strategies and technology on your existing systems while, at the same time, actually getting to go home on a weekend for a change?

The answer to your concern is that in most cases you can optimize existing applications and data sources to allow you to satisfy new IT requirements—to remain competitive, or even to provide the means to achieve new competitive advantage. Like many large enterprises, you probably have big IT plans to ensure continued presence and to remain competitive within your market for the future. Plans will certainly include big data and analytics, and will likely include some types of business intelligence, and fraud detection, and possibly cloud activity. DataKinetics can help you in three major ways: by optimizing data performance of your systems, applications and databases.

IT initiatives can include:

  • Increasing system capacity for increased workloads or new workloads
  • Controlling system resource usage
  • Improving batch run times
  • Reducing failed transaction rates in online environments
  • Mainframe and distributed data integration
  • Mainframe and distributed application integration
  • Big Data – including mainframe data
  • Keeping the mainframe as your system of record
  • Improving mainframe performance, capacity and cost control—all at once
  • Seamlessly move mainframe data to the cloud—and back again

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