The healthcare insurance industry is going through a period of profound change. Never before have new developments been delivered at such an unprecedented pace, providing both opportunities and challenges.

Emerging technologies

Emerging technologies such as wearable tracking devices, robotic nurse assistants, telehealth, patient portals and IoT, provide new data and improved tools for patient centered care. The urgency is to find solutions that allow these technology innovations to co-exist with current IT systems. Advanced Big Data integration and replication solutions are perfect for managing the deluge of data provided by these new systems with legacy data and daily transactional data that is managed by mainframe systems.

Big Data solutions for Healthcare mainframe data centers


Controlling IT costs

Healthcare IT organizations struggle with two seemingly divergent challenges: the need to control spiraling operational costs while also keeping ahead of the capacity curve. They must ensure their systems have the ability to handle planned growth, predictable seasonal upswings and unplanned events that require more system power and capacity. There are solutions available that allow Healthcare IT groups to do both – handle the demands on their IT systems capacity, and to control, or even reduce IT operational (and capital) costs.

Optimizing Healthcare IT costs using Optimization Technology


Optimizing Healthcare IT costs using IT Business Intelligence


Mobile access

Healthcare IT organizations have a desperate need to make their mainframe systems work with modern technologies like mobile, analytics, IoT, and more. However, their most valuable IT asset is the IP that is buried in their mainframe COBOL applications. How can they use that IP to extend their mainframe systems to address these critical challenges?  Fortunately, there are solutions that make this possible – new application development (including mobile apps) can leverage legacy COBOL applications and databases.

How can mobile apps leverage legacy COBOL applications and databases


DataKinetics solutions improved application performance by 60-70%; one Db2 batch application went from 15 CPU minutes to just one CPU minute.
– Project Manager, Healthcare Data Processing Services Provider

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