Banking and financial services IT organizations face enormous challenges: they must deal with spiraling costs, increasingly strict regulatory requirements, rising customer expectations, increased security risks, stiffer competition, and more. How can they provide high-quality service, and keep up with the competition while contending with rapidly growing demands on their systems and continuously rising costs? There are several solutions that allow IT organizations to not only keep up, but to achieve competitive advantage using existing systems and databases.

Mainframe systems performance optimization

Businesses running large transaction processing systems are constantly challenged to deal with longer periods of high transaction intensity, requiring their systems to handle ever-increasing transaction throughput.  These workloads, combined with their demanding batch-processing workload requirements, press IT organizations to cope. There are low-risk and high ROI solutions that can markedly improve the performance of these systems without changing existing applications and databases.

Enhancing mainframe performance


FinTech and new innovations

How you implement Blockchain in a mainframe datacenter will depend on many things – and some of that will be the preference and expertise of your Systems Integrator / management and technology consulting service provider, and internal organizational politics and available internal technical expertise.  The mainframe and new fintech like blockchain not only belong together, their coexistence just makes sense.

The mainframe and blockchain


Controlling IT costs

Banking and financial services IT organizations struggle with two seemingly divergent challenges: the need to control spiraling operational costs while also keeping ahead of the capacity curve. They must ensure their systems have the ability to handle planned growth, predictable seasonal upswings and unplanned events that require more system power and capacity. There are solutions available that allow finance IT groups to do both – handle the demands on their IT systems capacity, and to control, or even reduce IT operational (and capital) costs.

Optimizing costs for banking and financial services mainframe systems


Applications built with DataKinetics solutions require 80% less development and maintenance time, and run 10% faster than applications from our legacy systems.
– Systems Officer, Large US Investment Bank

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