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Healthcare organizations in the US face more challenges now than ever before—especially those running mainframe systems in their datacenters. From pending regulatory changes that may increase system workloads, to mobile requirements for new patient engagement technologies, to retiring IT staff expertise, to rising costs—healthcare IT is under siege from all quarters.

Solutions for these types of challenges are typically either extremely costly, exceedingly risky, or both. Often indecision wins out: living with known risks for another year, rather than facing and solving them. But what if there were less conventional and less risky ways to address these problems?

This talk will show how healthcare IT organizations solve these challenges in unique ways—all low risk, reasonably priced, and highly effective.

Join DataKinetics’ CPO Larry Strickland as we explore:

  • Industry challenges affecting healthcare
  • Tech challenges affecting healthcare IT
  • Unique solutions today for healthcare IT organizations running mainframe systems

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