It is with great honor that I announce yet another tremendous year for DataKinetics. As I prepare for our final board meeting of 2016, I have the pleasure of announcing a record year of 10% growth over 2015—a record that we continuously achieve. In fact, we have celebrated 12 consecutive quarters of revenue and profit growth, far outshining market performance. Simultaneously, we have also delivered new capabilities, exciting enhancements to classic offerings, and have developed even more partnerships with leading software and hardware companies in the mainframe market.

However, 2016 doesn’t just end there. In the midst of growing our business and global marketshare we have also successfully integrated multiple acquisitions; currently, we are in due diligence to acquire yet another company.

Beyond the financial aspects of our success, we have also become the world’s leader in mainframe culture and information. Our blog, Planet Mainframe, continually receives thousands of visitors daily as we promote the mainframe ecosystem—we feel this is critical, just how an authentically-mainframe software provider should feel. Our multi-national magazine, DirectionIT, is perceived by its thousands of readers as a thought leader and influencer. With its in-depth content delivered by authors who are authorities in their fields and its world-class advertisers, Direction IT has become the go-to magazine in the mainframe space.

As we continue conducting business on all major continents, we hold firm to our commitment and belief in the mainframe through our continued investment in our technology and in our global growth. The overwhelming success of DataKinetics has fueled our passion to continue to expand our footprint within the Fortune 50—the majority of these already use our products, including the number one and the number two companies in every major Fortune 50 vertical pertinent to the mainframe.

Our passion for helping companies use their IT budgets intelligently results in our clients’ continuing success, while also delivering the ability to discover new resources that enable them to actively invest in new and advanced initiatives.

In fact, our unique business model has not only contributed to our unprecedented growth, but also it has enabled us to launch a new company that has already become a global leader in its space, with another company slated to launch in 2017—a testament to our team, their talent, and their tremendously driven attitude.

At DataKinetics, we know who we are and what we need to continue to be—the best IBMz mainframe partner in the world, while focusing on increasing shareholder value for the next 50 years.

Our difference from our competitors? We actually are the global leader of mainframe data performance and optimization.

Stay tuned for March 2017 while we prepare to announce groundbreaking news that will, unequivocally, confirm DataKinetics’ position in the mainframe world.