For the past four decades, technology and the systems that depend on it has always been viewed as machines tucked away from the human eye—hidden in server rooms on locked floors and managed by specialists who sit apart from the masses.

However, in the new millennium, technology continually blurs the line between company and employee, and even more so, between company and client. The walls that used to divide and hide IT away in the dark recesses of corporate infrastructure, are now visible through devices on a global scale—offering the end user a full complement of personalized functionality and experience.

And with that experience comes the new breed of infrastructure that supports it. From the security and well-being placed on clients’ information, to the speed at which clients can access their profiles and required information, there is a backbone that continually evolves to support the paradigm that is the mobile world.

In this issue of DirectionIT Magazine, we have chosen to explore both sides of the IT divide: from the mainframe and its part in the future of Big Data and Mobility, to the experiences that customers receive and even expect through omni-channel engagement—all driven and delivered by the IT infrastructure that enables it.

As always, we hope you enjoy the journey: from seeing behind the IT velvet curtain to understanding its function and place in the new world, to traveling the yellow brick road that is the new world of mobility—a place where site, sound, experience and social interaction deliver a wonderment we’ve never before experienced.