Ottawa, Canada, September 19, 2016 – DataKinetics, the global leader in data performance and optimization solutions, announced today that their strategic partner zCost Management has released Version 4.0 of their highly successful AutoSoftCapping (ASC) system optimization solution for IBM mainframe systems.

zCost Management is an ISV specializing in capacity planning and cost control for users of IBM z Systems mainframes, and market the ASC product primarily in Europe. DataKinetics is an ISV and partner solution reseller, marketing ASC primarily in North America. ASC is a systems optimization solution that helps IT organizations manage the performance of mainframe systems while controlling monthly licensing charges, and will now accommodate IBM’s new CMP (Country Multiplex Pricing) sub-capacity pricing offering.

CMP allows mainframe customers to manage system capacity without the rules and limitations of previous sub-capacity methodologies. Many IBM customers are currently using IBM`s standard WLM sub-capacity pricing offering, but will be transitioning to CMP. With the introduction of ASC Release 4.0, zCost Management offers a new additional operating mode in ASC for clients eligible for CMP.

“As IBM rolls out their CMP sub-capacity pricing option, ASC allows us to help our customers when they need it most”, said Allan Zander, CEO of DataKinetics. “This new version of ASC is the perfect solution for customers suffering the pain of trying to manage new and growing workloads while operational costs are rising. This CMP-ready version of ASC will help them to get the most out of CMP pricing, improving performance and capacity while saving costs on growing workloads. To support CMP, zCost Management created a new feature called “Flying MSU” allowing MSU exchanges across all LPARs from all CPCs as within a single and integrated system. ”

“The ability to change, agility in change, reducing costs and controlling costs are the principle drivers for all companies”, said Jacky Hofbauer, President & CSO of zCost Management. “Our mission at zCost Management is to help customers to optimize their z/IT resources while reducing, controlling and analyzing their z/IT budgets. Version 4.0 of our ASC solution is strategic response to customers’ inevitable requirements based on new IBM announcements.”

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