Ottawa, Canada – May 2, 2016 – DataKinetics, the world leader in Data Performance and Optimization Solutions, announced today that it has once again been named as one of Canada’s Top Companies on the Branham300 List for 2016—making this the second consecutive year.

DataKinetics saw a banner year in 2015: it experienced double digit revenue growth in the mainframe data performance and optimization space, and achieved an impressive list of clients representing Global 100 companies. Furthermore, the company spearheaded the creation of PlanetMainframe, an alliance of the world’s top mainframe solutions provider companies. PlanetMainframe is now the world’s definitive resource for mainframe technology.

In addition to its tremendous growth, DataKinetics expanded its strategic Partner Alliance, welcoming InSoft Software, a world-renowned software development, training and consulting firm and fully owned subsidiary of Infotel. The partnership, which is centered on a multinational conglomerate of global leaders in the Fortune 500–focused mainframe space, began with the addition of HostBridge, SQData and zCost Management during the first quarter of 2015.

DataKinetics also signed a partnership agreement in 2015 with Australian mainframe products and services company SCP (Strategic Consulting Partnerships) based in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. The partnership further aligns DataKinetics with the desire of the Global Fortune 500 to receive as much value as possible from their IBM z Systems investments, value that far transcends simple cost reduction, while simultaneously extending DataKinetics’ reach and commitment into the Australia, Southeast Asia and New Zealand markets.

Additionally, DataKinetics launched a spin-off company: omNovos. It created omNovos to address the rapidly growing demand for omni-channel customer engagement solutions in the global retail market space. Within its first year, omNovos announced the acquisition of Vancouver-based mobile payment solution specialist MiniCheckout—the purchase added new functionality to the omNovos solution suite, as well as significant product development expertise to the omNovos team.

The new venture, having already expanded into the North American and European markets, offers a host of omni-channel customer engagement solutions including customer retail engagement applications for both consumer and in-store staff, omni-channel marketing automation solutions, and professional services for data integration.

Now, validating the company’s expansion and subsequent growth activities, DataKinetics has again been officially listed on the Branham300 for 2016—continuing its climb up the rankings. As part of the Branham Group, a company that provides “Go to Market” direction to global IT products and services companies, the Branham300 offers a snapshot of the Canadian IT market and provides a gauge by which companies measure their success.

“We are pleased and proud of our financial results and growth in 2015,” commented Randy McCoy, Chief Financial Officer, DataKinetics. “With an impressive double digit revenue growth in the global mainframe software solutions market—the team’s dedication and hard work truly represents top of class performance. Now, with yet another highly successful year behind us, and with 2016 off to a record start, our steady growth provides us with the profitability and cash flow to further invest in strategic initiatives to advance our position as the global leader in data performance and optimization, including our current geographic expansion in both ASEAN and Latin America.”

“The Branham300 is designed to promote Canada’s Information and Communication Technology industry and the people who build technology businesses in Canada,” said Wayne Gudbranson, CEO, Branham Group. “This year, we were thrilled to see Canada’s Top 250 companies set another revenue record. It is a testament to the strength of our ICT sector.”

With more than 38 years of experience in the field of data performance and optimization, DataKinetics continues to help its global clients leverage existing systems, optimizing the issues that hold them back and propelling them to greater value and success.

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