With our feet firmly planted in the New Year—it is hard to believe that we are almost at the end of the first quarter—the speed at which we have managed our business seems to have increased almost daily and at an exponential rate.

Though that sentiment may also be my age, I truly believe that the world around us continues to accelerate and that we continue to evolve, proving at every step that we are capable of greater and greater things. It is not unlike that of professional sports: the boundaries and records that are continually broken are proof that we have limitless potential.

And far more than just the physical boundaries, we also have unlimited potential when it comes to the intellectual side of the equation. Every day we expand our world through technology, and we do more and more with our tools, devising new ways to continually reach seemingly impossible goals.

It is this constant evolution that brings us to this issue of DirectionIT Magazine. As we continue to push our limits, we also push our technology to keep pace. The idea that we follow technology is in fact incorrect, it is technology that follows and supports us in our endeavors to do more, build more, and to succeed beyond our wildest dreams.

We continue to evolve and invest in the technological foundations that we have built over the past half century. From the early days of the mainframe to the interconnection between it and the new world of mobility and beyond, we are connected to a past that seeks to press infinitely into the future.

It is this limitless determination that drives the reasons why we publish DirectionIT Magazine—a small contribution to those who seek the knowledge that will lead them from the past into a bright and successful future.

Happy New Year everyone,
Allan Zander