New technology vastly extends omni-channel customer engagement solution offerings


Ottawa, Canada – January 18, 2016 – omNovos, a global leader in omni-channel customer engagement solutions, announced today that it has officially acquired Vancouver-based mobile payment solution specialist, MiniCheckout. The purchase of MiniCheckout not only adds new functionality to the omNovos solution, but it also brings significant product development expertise to the omNovos team.

omNovos—formed in 2015 by parent company DataKinetics, the world’s leading provider of Data Performance and Optimization Solutions—now offers three distinct solutions to global retailers: payNovos—a Mobile Retail Application for Customers and In-Store Staff that enables customers to engage their favorite retailers in a fully bi-modal manner, combining mobile device in-store scan and pay functionality with recommendation advertising; veloNovos—solutions that help global retailers define and implement Omni-Channel Sales and Marketing Automation; and dataNovos—professional services that connect all data points to create the platform on which e-commerce and in-store ecosystems reside.

Now, with the acquisition of MiniCheckout, omNovos vastly extends its mobile offering to include many mobile payment options that will enhance its already robust suite. For retailers, these offerings will include extended integration into a large number of POS systems, as well as greater functionality in marketing automation and real-time predictive modeling.

“We could not be happier with this acquisition,” commented Allan Zander, CEO of omNovos. “With the formal introduction of the company just a few short months ago, and with the opportunities already in front of us for 2016, the talent and technology that we will now be incorporating into our omni-channel customer engagement offerings could not come at a better time. This company was founded on the 35+ year legacy and reputation of its parent company, DataKinetics—a company that provides innovative solutions to the largest companies in the world. The integration of MiniCheckout’s technology is in perfect alignment with our key values and competencies, and we welcome our new team members as our company dominates the omni-channel landscape in 2016.”

“This is a tremendous addition to our omni-channel customer engagement solution suite,” said Andrew Armstrong, Senior Vice President of Marketing at omNovos. “The need for innovative solutions that enhance the customer experience is clear. With the acquisition of MiniCheckout, our customers will now have access to leading-edge, secure Payment Technology, real-time predictive modeling, and complete data integration. Our offerings are set to be absolute game-changers for retailers looking to enhance their customers’ experience in 2016.”

omNovos boasts an impressive group of professionals, including data connectivity experts, marketing automation professionals, and senior application developers—all to further extend the parent company DataKinetics’ offerings from the global financial space to the world of retail companies. For more information regarding the acquisition of MiniCheckout, or for information regarding omNovos’ comprehensive suite of omni-channel customer engagement solutions, please visit


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