New Communications Platform created to be focal point of Global IBM Mainframe Education

December 3, 2015 — Ottawa, Ontario — DataKinetics, the global leader in data performance and optimization solutions, announced today that it has launched some major new communications vehicles. The announcement comes as part of the company’s 2015/2016 strategic mandate to deliver an educational infrastructure for those in the Global IBM mainframe community. The newly introduced assets comprise of numerous publications and educational materials, including an industry-centric blog, a new multinational magazine, and the leveraging of its CIO Advisory Board to continually add industry insight and business intelligence to the mainframe arena.

The company’s educational mandate was developed by Andrew Armstrong, the company’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications. Since his appointment earlier in 2015, Andrew’s role has been to spearhead and manage the organization’s ongoing global reach and presence. Andrew brings to the DataKinetics team many years of experience in marketing and international business development. His focus and expertise stems from 20+ years in senior marketing and management roles, having built several highly successful portfolios and brands with mass-market profitability throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. His hands-on leadership approach, combined with extensive experience across a multitude of brands and product portfolios in diverse industries, will bring about a heightened focus on strategic marketing, communications execution and, ultimately, an integrated customer experience for DataKinetics and its clients.

To that end, Andrew has launched a new communications assets and information infrastructure—created solely to be the focal point for those in the global IBM mainframe community. Thus, in 2016 the mainframe and business community will have access to social media channels, websites, publications, and educational materials that include an industry-centric multinational magazine delivered to 100,000+ executives and growing, all with the mandate to add insight and business intelligence to the mainframe arena.

“As a company with a 35+ year history in the mainframe space, we felt it imperative that we share that knowledge with the world,” commented Andrew. “It is for this reason that we have expanded our communications vehicles—to enable the mainframe community from around the world to have access to decades of experience, knowledge and industry insight. Now, with the creation of a new magazine, blogs, online events and more, we will deliver meaningful insight and business intelligence to the industry—to executives and technical people alike.”

Supplementing these efforts, DataKinetics has also co-founded the Mainframe Alliance, consisting of a group of global independent mainframe solutions providers. The Alliance has provided another avenue for business insight, launching its new Planet Mainframe blog. The website will deliver bias-free and in-depth knowledge sharing to those who work in the mainframe space—creating the go-to resource for all business and technical best practices and industry news.

The newly created communications infrastructure continues to build on the company’s success in 2015—a year that has included the company’s comprehensive rebrand; the acquisition of global IBM zSystems solution provider SoftwareOnZ; strategic partnerships with world-renowned mainframe solutions providers InSoft Infotel Software, HostBridge, SQData and zCost Management; as well as the launch of a new company, omNovos, specializing in omni-channel customer engagement solutions.

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