Though technology and the world around us may rapidly shift and move in new and sometimes unknown directions, one theme in business has always remained constant throughout my career: Evolution.

Regardless of business type, regardless of business location, business must always evolve. The adaptation to new environments, new paradigms, and new ways of thinking is paramount for a business to survive. Furthermore, evolution is essential for business growth and success as it embodies the knowledge, realization, and willingness to change with the times—to push the proverbial envelope beyond one’s own comfort zone, and to ensure you leave your own positive mark on the world.

It is for this reason that I am pleased to introduce our new quarterly publication: DirectionIT Magazine. This new venture is a direct result of our own evolution, one that marks a year of tremendous hard work by our entire team. From the growing pains of building and establishing our new global brand and identity, to the acquisition of a company to expand our global footprint, to the launch of a brand new company to service yet another industry—everything we have done has been an integral part of DataKinetics’ evolution.

Thus, we launch a new magazine that is focused on guiding your evolution. We designed the publication to add insight into a multitude of business roles, industries, and the lives that shape the world that we live in. In this first issue we focus on the CIO, a role that is now at the forefront of business evolution. A role that joins what would otherwise be disparate silos within companies—joining for the first time all departments not just through business process, but also through business focus. CIOs are now responsible for making corporate vision a holistic ecosystem by which all entities have their own important part to play in the growth and success of the business and, ultimately, the customer experience.

I hope you enjoy DirectionIT Magazine as much as we have enjoyed producing it. Here at DataKinetics, we look forward to DirectionIT undergoing its own evolution, making its mark on the world of business and your world as a whole.

Allan Zander