omNovos to deliver Omni-Channel Customer Engagement Solutions to Global 100 Retail Companies

Ottawa, Canada – November 5, 2015 – DataKinetics, the global leader in data performance and optimization solutions, announced today that it has launched a new company: omNovos. DataKinetics created omNovos to deliver a full complement of omni-channel customer engagement solutions to Global 100 retail companies.

As a new company, omNovos has already begun its trajectory with an impressive group of professionals, including a full division of data connectivity experts, marketing automation professionals, and senior application developers—all to further extend DataKinetics’ offerings from the global financial space to the world of large retail companies. And what better management team could omNovos have than DataKinetics’ management team with its in-depth experience in the industry and marketplace.

omNovos will be offering three distinct solutions to global retailers: payNovos—a Mobile Retail Application for Customers and In-Store Staff that enables customers to engage their favorite retailers in a fully bi-modal manner, combining mobile device in-store scan and pay functionality with recommendation advertising and more; veloNovos—a leading-edge approach to Omni-Channel Sales and Marketing Automation; and dataNovos—a comprehensive Data Connectivity Professional Services offering to create the platform on which e-commerce and in-store ecosystems reside.

“Though many may see this as a bold new step, we see this as nothing more than a logical extension,” commented Allan Zander, CEO of DataKinetics and omNovos. “DataKinetics has been creating this type of ecosystem for the largest banks in the world for decades—we are now simply extending this vast knowledge of global finance to the retail space. It is this history and expertise that offers an entirely new and innovative way to increase customer engagement for our retail clients—they can now take advantage of technology that was previously only enjoyed by the world’s most elite financial companies.”

“With the advent of mobile devices, paired with traditional desktop computing, people now engage the world in an entirely different way,” said Larry Strickland, Chief Product Officer of DataKinetics and omNovos. “This includes how we collectively interact, share our thoughts and experiences, and how we expect people to interact with us. Pair this new world order with that of an omni-channel environment and the concept of sales and marketing changes dramatically. People now not only expect to be marketed and sold to—they expect a fully personalized, engaged experience that speaks only to them. omNovos delivers that new engagement model.”

The company will be addressing the omni-channel customer engagement market through the creation of an evolved ecosystem, one that supports not only the customer, but also its clients and the technology behind engagement strategies and infrastructure. omNovos’ highly engaging business process is designed to help increase conversion metrics for its customers.

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